DCS providing Chromebooks, internet for students without internet access or devices

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan City Schools will be providing Chromebooks with hotspots for students who need them.

“Our hotspots that we’re using is actually using cell service for the internet access, and Dothan has very good coverage in our area,” Dothan City Schools Public Information Officer Meagan Dorsey said.

For families that have multiple students, each student will receive a Chromebook. If service for a device goes out, DCS has a plan in place.

“If service is lost in the device that the student has DCS will replace it,” Dorsey said. “We’re using Verizon for the services. So they have great redundant systems in our area that allows us to have multiple opportunities for access for that product.”

Service setup will be handled by Dothan City Schools.

DCS will provide faculty as well as parents with orientation and training videos on how to use the devices and access materials.

There will also be specialist for hardware and software complications.

“Our media and technology specialists with DCS will be going through training on our new hardware and our new software so that way they are prepared for any issues that may arise with these devices,” Dorsey said.

Of course, the Chromebooks will be available for students who qualify, but what qualifies them?

“Qualifying student means they need a device or internet access because they don’t have that at home,” Dorsey said.

Over 2,500 families signed up for virtual learning this school year. Of those families around 900 will need a Chromebook or internet service.

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