Daughter of Ozark murder victim defends Ozark PD, speaks on personal experience

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OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — The daughter of the victim in a cold case murder is speaking out against comments made by her father, the former suspect of her mother’s death.

According to her, this week’s events have been a whirlwind of surprises.

“I’m still a little, like, ‘what the hell just happened?’ because I came down this weekend expecting to put him jail on Monday, and it did a whole 180 on me,” Carolyn Ann Aznavour said.

Tracey Harris and her daughter Carolyn when she was a child

Her father, Carl Harris Jr., was arrested in 2016 and was charged with killing of his ex-wife Tracey Harris.

His trial was expected to begin on Monday, but a last-minute witness gave Ozark police information that led to the arrest of 54-year-old Jeff Beasley, a former family friend.

In a press conference, Harris stated that he wanted to establish a relationship with his daughter Carolyn Ann Aznavour.

“As far as relationship knowing that he didn’t do this. I mean I thought for forever that he did it, I don’t know where it would go between us.” Aznavour said.

The case remained cold until 2016 when Aznavour told WDHN she wanted Ozark to reopen this case to seek justice for her mom.

She told WDHN her father has not said anything about her mom’s death. Rather, she said he has made himself into a victim instead.

Aznavour said instead of bashing the Ozark Police Department, he should be thanking them.

“Kirk Adams and the DA Jordan, I don’t know how much I could thank (them),” she said.

Since the recent revelation, the story has received national attention, but she said when it came to coverage on her and father supposedly not having contact since the murder, things are not what they seem. She told WDHN her dad made contact with her years ago.

As for her mother, Aznavour created a Facebook page in memory of her, saying she wanted to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.

She also encouraged the families of 1999 murder victims J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett to stay hopeful that they will get the final answer as to what happened to their girls.

“Don’t give up hope, just like with the other case J.B. and Tracie,” Aznavour said. “Don’t give up hope! Keep the faith because the truth will come out. I don’t think I can have better guys on this, and knowing that (Ozark law enforcement) are on the case too is amazing because I know they will find their truth like I did mine.”

Since Aznavour was so young at the time of her mother’s death, she said she does not know much about her.

She asks if you know her mom or have fond memories of her, please leave them on the Justice for Tracey Carol Gunter-Harris page. She says she would like to get to know her mom through you.

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