Daleville High students stage walkout after baseball coach is told to resign

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DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — First-year Daleville High School baseball coach Justin Hendrix was given a letter Thursday morning notifying him he had been placed on administrative leave before being told he had until 3 p.m. to resign or else he’d be terminated at the Feb. 19 board meeting.

The players walked out of their classes after hearing the news.

“My son is a senior this year,” parent Starla Moore said. “This’ll be the third coach he’s had four years. Our program is just not where it needs to be to compete with the other schools, and when Coach Hendrix came in, the boys were excited. They were like he’s here for us, and that excitement is gone.”

Hendrix secured a donation from a Daleville alum to be able to buy new equipment for the baseball program.

The school had the check for two weeks. However, they returned it to him on Wednesday declining to take the money.

“Coach actually sent me a message yesterday about the donation,” Moore said. “That our program could not have the donation check and was not given a reason why, just said it wasn’t allowed. He said we’ll just push harder to get what we needed.”

The Warhawks baseball team will start their 2020 baseball season next month, but with no coach at the moment, Moore said it’s not fair to the players.

“The boys are what’s hurting; no one else, it’s the boys,” Moore said. “I have several boys on that team that are not mine, but I consider them my sons. I’ve watched them grow up, and when they’re disappointed, it makes you more disappointed.”

Moore said that if you call the superintendent’s office, you’ll be told she’ll call you back.

WDHN did reach out to the superintendent. However, we were not available at the same time to speak about the matter.

She will be out of the office Friday and Monday.

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