Court: Kaminski to never seek AL judicial office again

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) — Alabama’s Court of the Judiciary has rendered its final judgment for former Judge Chris Kaminski, finding him guilty of two counts of ethics violations.

The judgment states that Kaminski and the Judicial Inquiry Commission entered into an agreement on the matter — with Kaminski admitting to two of the three original counts.

The original complaint stated that Kaminski had entered into a romantic relationship with an attorney in June 2017, months before his divorce finalized in 2018.

According to the commission, Kaminski would appoint this attorney to various cases, enter declaration fees for her benefit, took judicial actions in her cases, and would not disqualify these cases. Some of these actions took place after the pair went public with their relationship.

Also, to help dispute a rumor regarding this relationship, Kaminski used “the prestige of his office” to obtain courtroom footage for his personal purposes. He also shared it with an attorney who posted said footage on social media.

The rumor dealt with alleged inappropriate behavior conducted by the couple around Kaminski’s ex-wife while at a courthouse celebration.

Kaminski told WDHN after his resignation that he would not fight the accusation due to the costs it would take to fight it. However, he said he never showed improper judgment to those in the courtroom.

“They don’t accuse me of being unfair,” he said. “I’ve never been unfair to anyone in my court.”

With Kamisnki’s resignation and his agreement with the commission, he will be required to pay a fee of $2,346.67 and will never seek a judicial seat in Alabama again.

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