Construction on West Main St, Ross Clark Circle to last until the end of 2021

Local News

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Drivers are calling it a nightmare, but the construction on the west side of Ross Clark Circle at the intersection of Highway 84 and Westgate Parkway will continue.

We’re told this stage of the project will last until the end of 2021 or possibly into 2022.

The state-funded venture’s objective is to increase the number of lanes on Highway 84 to Dothan’s fast-growing west side.

“It’s seasonal traffic right now that’s up with people that are shopping and doing what they’re doing, and it’s just growth that continues to go,” Public Works Director Charles Metzger said. “Yeah, construction adds to it, and they’ve been doing a lot of work at night and trying to stay out of people’s way, but obviously, they can’t always do that.”

Metzger said take extra time to your destination if going this way and try to be patient.

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