Coffee Co. EMA Director pushes for mass inoculation against COVID-19

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NEW BROCKTON, Ala. (WDHN) — With COVID-19 numbers growing leaps and bounds, James Brown, director of the Coffee County Emergency Management Agency, wants municipalities to join forces in creating mass vaccine sites.

“I have failed to convince people that they need to wear their masks,” Brown said. “They need to social distance, wash their hands, and because of my failure, 755 cases in the last 14 days. This is unbelievable.”

Brown went on to say that he would like the county’s municipalities to join together to begin mass inoculations.

“As a county, we could sign up,” he said. “We can become our own distributors ogthis. Now how long it’s going to take before we get it, I don’t know because the ADPH has a priority list.”

Coffee County Commission Chairman Dean Smith said the county would allow the use of the farm center or some other large venue as an inoculation center.

“Five days a week, (we can have) mass inoculations if we can get the vaccine, and if we can do the administrative part,” Smith said.

Enterprise Mayor William Cooper hopes some sort of a round-table meeting can take place among the municipalities within the county.

“A place that would be convenient, for even people walking up, not having that far to drive in order to get themselves a vaccination,” Cooper said.

Cooper says he’ll work with Coffee County EMA to come up with a possible round table discussion on providing a mass inoculation event.

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