City of Dothan to be reimbursed $17,990 for Complex Fuel Spill cleanup

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In 2016, a leak in a diesel fuel tank happened at the General Services Complex, which caused fuel to escape through an open drain valve.

Data reported at the time showed a total loss of 5,143 gallons of fuel. The spill covered an area of 919 square feet and stretched to 164 feet long.

“To mitigate or handle that situation, basically we work with poly-engineering,” said Public Works Director Charles Metzger. “They went out there and we had to remove some contaminated soil. We had to monitor it for quite a while, report the spill through ADEM, EPA, work through them to basically get the cleanup handled.”

The Dothan City Commissioners voted during Tuesday’s meeting to approve ADEM in the amount of $17,990 and accept Environmental Covenants as part of correcting the spill.

“Whenever there is an environmental spill, there are proceeders that ADEM requires us, even as a city, to follow through on,” Mayor Mark Saliba said. “This is the very end of that process. It grants them an easement to continue to come and monitor that if they feel they liked to do so.”

“The money will actually be reimbursed through (a) trust fund for the $17,900 that we spent,” Metzger said. “But, it’s all just trying to make sure that we got the spill cleaned up properly.”

Metzger said that everything’s been cleaned up and is currently being monitored and that this is basically paying the bill for the cleanup of the spill.

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