City of Dothan introduces new campaign, Love Dothan, to community members

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The City of Dothan is rolling out a new campaign called Love Dothan.

The new initiative is about building a city for the future and bettering the quality of life in Dothan.

“It’s about creating a community that can compete in the future economy and attract talent and creativity, innovation, and technology,” Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper said. “It’s about creating a place where those creative people want to come. It’s about creating a place where our children want to come home to.”

As for how this new initiative will help the City of Dothan, Mayor Mark Saliba said that there’s a strain of positivity that when you love and care for something, you want to be able to give back to it.

“We want to get everyone engaged and come out and be a part,” Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba said. “Find someplace to the plugin. I get the question all the time, you know, ‘how can I give back or how can I contribute?’ There’s a lot of places for everyone to plug into, so I say it’s just an encouragement for everyone to be engaged.”

By introducing the Love Dothan program right now, Cowper said the city is seizing an opportunity that may not have been available before.

“There’s such a sense of hope and optimism for the future of Dothan and people are just kind of aching for something great,” Cowper said. “If we do things the same way we’ve always done them, we’ll get the same results, and this is about rethinking the way that we do things so that we can get higher and better results.”

Saliba said that Cowper was able to take what he heard from other city officials and applied it to opportunities and solutions that the city can use to get something done.

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