CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man trespasses, drinks from water hose at Enterprise home

Local News

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — An Enterprise family was caught by surprise shortly after they shut off the lights Wednesday night.

Just as the residents of Dupree Point were getting ready to go to bed around midnight, the surveillance cameras from one home gave their owners an alert that someone was right outside their house.

When the lady of the house — who has preferred to remain nameless — checked the footage, she saw a shirtless man hunched over, drinking out of a water hose in their front yard. According to her, the man was also snooping around a neighbor’s truck.

More footage shows the man getting picked up by an SUV, which the woman’s husband says might be an old Suburban.

The man himself appears to have tattoos on his upper right arm and back. It also looks like he’s wearing high-top Converse shoes. 

This is reportedly the fourth time they had to call the police after catching people snooping around their home — although those suspects were just sifting through unlocked vehicles, not drinking from hoses.

The family said they gave all the footage to Enterprise police, who will use it as a reference in this case.

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