An increase of first time gun owners leads to shortage of ammo

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OZARK, Al. (WDHN) — Over the past week, pictures and videos of gun shops and people lined up outside of them have been popping up on social media. Gun sales appear to be on a rise and Farm Systems INC. manager said that ammo is flying off their shelves due to new gun owners.

“Well, you’ve got a lot of first time gun owners and everybody that buys a gun is gonna get a box of bullets to shoot through it,” Farm Systems INC. Store manager William Wingard said. “So that alone has increased sales tremendously.”

According to Wingard they’ve have seen a lot of first time buyers and that makes up 50 percent of their sales. With ammo selling out so fast, Wingard said getting more supply has been difficult.

“Every where is on backorder, allocated and hard to get,” Wingard said. “You know just simple stuff, deer hunting calibers, and rounds, can’t find them. You know, and then you have your popular rounds like 9mm, 5.56, .223, very hard to get.”

This has lead to a price increase on ammo. According to Wingard, he seen 2 to 3 price increases between shipments of ammo.

What’s the reason for this? Wingard said buying new guns goes hand in hand with getting ammo and people are worried about their safety.

“You also have people that are worried that their guns or ammo may be taken from them through the government possibly,” Wingard said. “So they’re wanting to stock up and have a good amount on hand at their home.”

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