AM Windham Elementary School in Daleville has added a full-time service dog, Cassie, to its staff

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Daleville, Ala. (WDHN)—In the Daleville City School District, there’s a new four-legged addition to the AM Windham Elementary School staff.

Five-year-old Cassie is a five-year-old black lab who is one of the area’s first service dogs assigned “Full time” to a school.

Meet Cassie and she’s quickly becoming one of the most popular members of the AM Windham Elementary School staff in Daleville.
She’s a service dog that is “trained” to detect the scent of a student who is under stress.

Cassie can also reduce or eliminate disruptive behaviors. The five-year-old black lab’s handler is
teacher Kimberly Henderson.

“She helps with keeping our students calm, she helps with wanting them to come to school. She is
Just a calming influence in our school building” according to henderson.

For the pre-k thru fourth-graders’, Cassie is someone they confide with. She’s a friend,
and they look forward to seeing her when they come to school.

“Cassie our student support dog. She supports us when w’re feeling nervours or scared.”

“She calms us down, calms us down when we’re stressed,” says a fourth-grader.

Henderson says if there’s a disruptive student, Cassie helps divert attention from
that situation so other students can refocus on the classroom material.

Several other wiregrass school districts are also looking at the possibility of bringing-in service dogs.

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