Alabama lottery would fund two-year, four-year colleges, senator says

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Alabama Legislature is set to meet soon and with that comes talk of a state lottery.

The last time a state lottery was seriously proposed was in 1999, but in today’s age, it could bring a different outcome.

“When those lotteries start rolling over in our surrounding states, and I think Alabama is one of five states that does not have a state lottery, people don’t have a problem driving across the state line to get a lottery ticket,” Sen. Donnie Chesteen said.

Chesteen said he believes the reason it has not passed is due to the lack of whereabouts the money would be going.

“So now the talk for if there is a lottery proposal would be to go to education for two-year and for four-year schools,” he said.

Chesteen said the money would be in the form of scholarships for students, and the projected amount would be about $280 million.

Although Chesteen explained that the state is in good financial budget status, he stated a lottery would keep more money in the state.

“A lot of revenue leaves our state, you know, crossing our borders and that’s money that we could keep here in the state if there was a state lottery,” Chesteen said.

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