Alabama Aviation College set to bring in a new program

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OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — The Alabama Aviation College in Ozark received a naval grant which they will use to partner with Davis Tech Community College in Utah to replicate their program at the college.

“Our goal is to have an associate’s degree started in August of 2020 to start offering training in advanced composites in a new associative of applied science degree,” said Danny Long, Enterprise State Community College’s dean of instruction.

Advanced composites or advanced composites materials are materials that have high-strength fibers and are very elastic compared to other materials.

These materials are very lightweight and can be used in many different areas, including aerospace.

“We’ll train students to work in marine science, a lot of your sporting goods equipment are all made of composites,” Long said. “We have students who are enrolled in our airframe and power plant program who are learning composites, and it’s really the way of the future.”

With this new program, students will get to learn the process of creating these advanced composites.

“In the advanced composites, we work with high-tech fabrics and a resin system, and the resin system is a liquid, and we put those two together to make a really strong part,” National Director of Composites Pathways Wes Hobbs said.

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