Teen charged with attempted murder in Samson shooting

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The Samson Police Department has identified the suspect as 18-year-old Brian Keith Silas Jr.

Silas faces with one count of attempted murder and three counts of shooting into a occupied vehicle.

All the victims are said to be okay, but the department said this could have been much worse.

“This was a situation where several kids could have been killed but only one person was grazed by a projectile,” the department wrote in an online statement.


SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN) — Samson police are investigating a shooting at Brunson Court.

According to police, someone had fired upon five minors who were together in the same vehicle. The minors were found by police after they were called to the location the minors fled to.

One of the victims was grazed by a bullet while another had pieces of glass embedded in their back. The others were fine.

Multiple bullets were found in different locations after the vehicle was processed.

This case is still under investigation, thus information is limited. However, the police have identified a suspect and are looking for him.

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