Local ministries help keep the homeless cool


DOTHAN, Ala. — (WDHN) Love in Action ministries partnered with Westgate Church of Christ to deliver meals to the homeless and to keep them cool as temperatures rise over the weekend.

“You know we all need to realize we’re just like them the only difference between us and them is an address,” said Ruthie Davidson, volunteer. “We are one paycheck away from them, we could be them.”

Davidson started out as a volunteer just a month ago and is now helping to keep the homeless fed and cool for this upcoming weekend. With the help of Westgate Church of Christ she along with other volunteers delivered meals to the homeless and will continue for the 4th of July weekend. Davidson said when finding out that Love in Action ministries normally closes for the week of the fourth to give their employees and volunteers a break, she wanted to do something.

They typically work 10-12 hours a day throughout the week dedicated to ensuring that the homeless is taken care of and remaining cool.

“They’re my savior..I wouldn’t be alive right now if it wasn’t for them,” said Harold Hayman, homeless man and volunteer. “I mean they do everything for me they take me to the doctor, don’t costs me nothing, give me free medication don’t costs me nothing. If it wasn’t for them a lot of people would be dead right now.”

Haymon said he could volunteer for the rest of his life because of the impact Love in Action ministries has made on him, he thanks them for saving his life.

Once again this summer, she hopes to add on to the 500 plus homeless people she has already helped.

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