Local gym owner: “As little as 35 minutes a day, three times a week could change your life”


DOTHAN, Ala.(WDHN) — New year’s fitness resolutions are huge this time of year, but for BBS Fitness Systems Owner, Scotty Cox, fitness is nothing new.

“It’s human nature so something about a new fresh start at the beginning of the year, I can put the past behind me and now I can start and I’m going to do it this time and having said that it’s not a bad plan it’s just a matter of you have to stick with it and you have to be consistent,” said Cox.

Cox says there is no magical solution to getting into shape but setting realistic goals, starting your workout, and then adding nutrition in can help. Don’t try to do everything at once.

“It doesn’t take two hours a day, 35-45 minutes a day is plenty of time, three days a week and you can change your life, it’s that simple,” Cox said.

Last year when the pandemic forced shutdowns, BBS Fitness had to close down to abide by the safer at home order that was put into place by Alabama state Governor, Kay Ivey.
Now BBS Fitness is attempting to help the public fight this pandemic, one workout at a time.

“You know it’s sad that we were beginning to take away one of the positives to actually help you fight the disease, you know if you can work out and take care of yourself and keep your immune system healthy then common sense, if you do get it, then you have something to fight it,” Cox said. “If you use it as an excuse to not go to the gym then you really taking a step backwards and if you get it it’s going to get that much worse.”

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