Local gun stores having difficulties getting more product


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Over the past few months, gun and ammo sales have been skyrocketing, which has created a shortage in some areas and backlogged some companies.

“We definitely had a huge increase from last year,” Area 51 Product LLC managing member Dan Nicholson said. “Sales are way way up, they have been every month.”

Finding guns under $1,000 is very difficult and stores like Area 51 have had issues ordering products.

“We can’t get product at all,” Nicholson said. “That’s the biggest problem right now is getting enough stuff to put on the wall and have inventory. All the suppliers are reporting problems even getting raw materials like steel and aluminum to make gun parts.”

One customer said that finding certain ammo and parts he needs has been a struggle

“If you can’t find the gun pretty much, you can’t find the ammo,” gun owner Jonathan Sally said. “The majority of everything right now, how the economy is you have to gun online, most definitely for certain pistol ammo and certain magazines for certain rifles.”

Nicholson said that one company has an eight-month backlog, and another company had so many orders that they couldn’t fill them by the end of the year, but what’s the reason?

“Some of it’s COVID; they’ve had to change their factory stuff,” Nicholson said. “All their procedures and how many people they can have in there at one time. Some of it is just sheer demand. There’s so much demand for the product.”

Nicholson said all types of ammunition is very difficult to get right.

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