Local doctor debunks flu shot myths


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Deciding to get your flu vaccine is something that can cause a lot of debate, but Dr. William Hundley of Dothan Associates is urging his patients to get the vaccine in order to help prevent the spread of the flu and COVID-19.

“It’s absolutely critical,” Hundley said. “It helps to cut down the total number of influenza cases throughout the region and the country, which especially in this recent climate with the exposure of COVID-19, it’s that much more important that we prevent influenza.”

Prevention of the flu is essential when trying to prevent a “Twindemic”. Hundley says “Twindemic” is a coined phrase now being used to refer to the the incoming flu season’s overlap with COVID-19.

“The flu vaccine itself can actually prevent infection with influenza and so the fewer number of people that are infected with influenza means the fewer number of people that can spread the virus,” said Hundley.

To date, there have been 1,985 flu shots administered by Dothan Associates. But there are some individuals that still have doubts.

“There’s a common misconception that those with egg allergies should not take the flu vaccine based on some of its components, but that is actually not true,” Hundley said. “There is excellent evidence to say that individuals with egg allergies can actually take the flu vaccine.”

What about those that believe they are being injected with the virus?

“You’re not actually receiving a strain of the virus,” Hundley said. “What they use is actually inactivated virus and inactivated proteins that have been taken off of the virus.”

And possibly the longest-running misconception…

“Despite claims that you will read, especially if you get on the internet, there is excellent scientific evidence to show that not only does it have no link to autism, there are actually studies to show that in some countries there’s perhaps even been higher rates of autism in unvaccinated individuals as appose to vaccinate individuals,” said Hundley.

You can get your flu shot at your local pharmacy or your primary care provider.

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