Local distillery talks identifying toxic and non toxic sanitizers


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — The Food and Drug Administration has released their list of more than 90 toxic hand sanitizer,s and we spoke to a local distillery on how to identify them.

“Well when we make alcohol, anything that comes off at below, let’s say, 174 degrees is what we would call by fore shots and which would contain higher amounts of methanol,” owner Lloyd Keel said.

Keel said all alcohol could contain some methanol due to it being a part of the fermentation process.

This is the same ingredient used when making beer and wine, but it is only a small fraction where it will not hurt you because the average person will not drink five or 10 gallons of wine or beer in a single sitting.

As a distiller, he says they conduct testing when making it, and taking off a certain amount per gallon.

“The fore shots would be the methanol-type products that would come off at the still,”Keel said.

When exposed to methanol through skin contact, it can result in nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, seizure, and permanent blindness.

You can visit the FDA website to see if your hand sanitizer is toxic or not.

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