Local businessman sells cakes to help families pay medical bills


One local businessman has been helping families pay for their medical bills by selling baked goods, and tonight he’ll be giving money to one Hartford family whose daughter needs a new heart. 

Steve Hardwick who has raised thousands of dollars for families that are facing medical expenses is now helping one Hartford girl and her family raise money for a heart transplant, by baking and selling cakes, and all proceeds go directly to the family.

“For Rylann Day whose 10-years-old from Slocomb has to have a heart transplant, and so we’ve done another cake fundraiser and we raised $12,000 dollars for her and her family,” Hardwick says, “so we’ll be giving them their money, and I don’t take any money out for expenses, not one penny.”

Hardwick says this started about four years ago when heard about Cody Hayes, an Ashford student, who was diagnosed with Leukemia.  

“I seen it on Facebook, didn’t know the family, and I told my daughter that I could probably make 20 cakes and raise $500 for that family, never baked a cake in my life, I don’t care for baking,” Hardwick says, “so it’s not one of my hobbies, but I just thought it was something I could do. Started baking cakes and instead of raising $500, raised $9,500.”

Hardwick says since then he has helped with about 13 other children’s fundraisers to help them and their families and says this is just something he wanted to do for others.

“I saw Cody and he was in Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, and he was walking the halls up and down, while here he was fighting for his life, and he was going to help children younger than him that were fighting cancer,” Hard wick says. “He was doing everything he could to make them smile and do things for them, and he, just the way he lived his life I thought, you know, I want to do something for somebody else.”

Hardwick says he sold around 240 cakes for Rylann’s fundraiser and will presenting her family with $12,000 to help pay for medical expenses.

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