Local brewery to hold Peanut Palozza for non-profit organizations


DOTHAN, Ala. WDHN) — The Folklore Brewing and Meadery are calling on all nonprofit organizations to participate in the non-profit Peanut Palooza in November.

“So we learned that the Peanut Festival was canceled so we came up with Peanut Palozza in an effort to try to establish some of those funds that the nonprofits will be missing due to the cancellation of the festival. It’s a historical event we really wanna do what we can to support our local charities.,” Folklore Owner Jeremy Pate said.

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the money they make from donations especially during big events such as the peanut festival and other festivals that normally take place during the fall season. However, Folklore, a small business feels the pain that these organizations will feel and plans to have about 10-25 vendors of all kinds lined up on the property.

“So as people are pulling through they can park, get out go get some food walk over go check out the booths Get some of there pamphlets and make a donation and maybe grab a bite and we do sell beer just saying,” Pate said.

Owner Jeremy Pate stressed the importance of Folklore being the host of this event.

“Even tho we wanna do great things for kids, pets, and vets as our charities would say we realize there are greater needs than what we can meet alone. So we wanna lend our facility lend our property to these folks to be able to come out and do that community effort,” Pate said.

Pate says this is a small way to give back because he remembers the tremendous support when they first started. If you want to be apart of the Palooza on Nov. 7, contact Folklore by phone, email, or social media. It’s first come first serve and absolutely free.

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