Local boutique responds to slow prom & wedding season regarding pandemic


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The coronavirus pandemic has shutdown a lot of activities and celebrations around the country.

Weddings have been postponed and proms have been canceled or undecided.

One boutique in Dothan explains how it has affected them.

“For our prom season our heaviest time of year is January 1st through about May 1st, and that’s really the time that we have the opportunity to make enough money to last through the rest of the year,” the Blushing Bride Owner Leisha Hall said. “So, that got pretty much cut in half.”

Hall said that prom business has come to a screeching halt and weddings are no different.

“We did and then when the shutdown occurred, of course, the weddings either got postponed or canceled or just indefinitely undecided,” Hall said.

Despite wedding and prom season being canceled for the year, the store still has some revenue coming in.

“We do still have bills coming in every month but, we’re just kind of taking one step at a time and waiting for a little assistance so hopefully, that will be coming in,” Hall said.

Some high school students voiced their disappointment about prom not taking place.

“It’s just an experience that I’m sadly going to miss out on,” Amya Mccray and Alysca Coby said. “Well me being a junior it’s just knowing that my friends that aren’t going to be able to go. So it’s kind of sad not being able to see them enjoy this last part of them being in high school.”

Hall said some schools are still planning to have prom.

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