WATCH: Governor Ivey unveils ‘Ribbons of Hope’ Campaign


 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT ) Alabama Governor Kay Ivey will make a major announcement Tuesday morning at the State Capitol. She is set to announce her ‘Ribbons of Hope’ campaign.

Governor Ivey says the purpose of the ‘Ribbons of Hope’ campaign is to show support and hope for first responders and medical personnel who are working on the frontline in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Health officials are putting their lives in danger every day as they work to treat and save the lives of those impacted by COVID-19.

During the duration of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Governor Ivey encourages the people of Alabama to tie ribbons around a tree or pole in their front yard as a symbol to remind everyone to pray for medical personnel, first responders, and for one another.

Governor Ivey and other Faith based leaders are encouraging everyone to grab a ribbon, any size or color and wrap it around a tree or mailbox to show solidarity and hope for those on the front line in the battle against COVID-19.

Tying ribbons around a tree, mailbox or fixture in a front yard will be called “Ribbons of Hope” and will symbolize faith, hope, love, and prayer. During these unprecedented times, Governor Ivey hopes these simple gestures will create unity among us and become a beacon of encouragement for everyone who sees them.

“As an effort to remind the people of Alabama we are all in this together, I ask that each household tie a ribbon in their front yard to remember our medical personnel, first responders and for the health and protection of our family and friends. Let’s use whatever ribbon we already have from a past celebration and may we see a beautiful array of color line our neighborhood streets,” Governor Ivey said. “These ribbons will serve as a reminder to the people of our state that we are lifting each other in prayer, and that just like after the great flood in Genesis, we are mindful of the hope and promise of God during this pandemic.”

The governor was joined by First Baptist Church of Montgomery Pastor Jay Wolf, 89.1 FM Faith Director of Ministry Relations Billy Irvin, Hutchinson Street Missionary Baptist Pastor Courtney Meadows, Alabama Baptist Convention Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Anel Robiyana, His Vessel Ministry Minister Jo Hancock, Former Pastor at Frazer United Methodist Church John Ed Mathison, as well as First Baptist Montgomery Lay Leader Soo Seok Yang.

The event took place on the Alabama State Capitol steps located at 600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL.

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