Live at Five: Interview with U.S. Congressional Candidate Barry Moore


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As the world continues debating heated topics, Barry Moore is addressing those issues as he campaigns as a U.S. Congressional Candidate.

“Mr. Floyd was murdered, plain and simple and the men responsible for his death are in jail and have been charged with murder, as it should be,” Moore told WDHN. “I don’t believe defunding the police is the answer. I believe we need to improve training to make our police forces better and more equipped to handle the difficult situations they find themselves in. The training process needs to be revamped, reviewed for the protection of everyone, cops and citizens. Police officers should receive higher pay to attract the best and brightest to these jobs. Most of our police officers in this country are remarkable public servants.”

As several Confederate monuments are taken down and as schools debate renaming themselves, Moore said erasing history is not the answer.

“We hear so much about Hitler, well, that’s one of the first things he did when the Nazis occupied a country; they tore down monuments and burnt history books,” Moore said. “I believe this is a push from socialist to weaken our history, destroy race relations, and divide our country. Which puts us dangerously close to anarchy. We are one nation and must stay united during this battle.”

Ft. Rucker is currently considering changing its elementary school’s name, but according to Moore, that is not the way to fix things.

“The fact is these bases under the name they hold have deployed troops for over a century,” Moore said. “We have won two world wars and defeated terrorism from these hallowed grounds. To rename them now would disrespect the great heroes of our military. Men and women who have given so much – black, white and every ethnicity. I do not support that. I cannot support that.”

President Donald Trump has been criticized for his handling of protests and heated riots across the country. However, Moore said he supports the president’s actions.

“I feel that President Trump has done more than any president in my lifetime to support the African-American community in this country,” Moore said. “We are seeing the lowest black unemployment in history. We finally have prison reform that stops predatory sentencing. No president before him has bothered to touch these issues. We need real solutions and a solution that creates reverse racism is not a solution.”

As for Moore, he said he is actively working to foster unity and support for people of all races.

“A situation that shames people of one race or the other is not a solution,” Moore said. “Nobody chooses their race. It’s not a choice. I will never apologize for being white, that is crazy. God made me white, so take it up with him. Race is not a choice, racism is. It’s a heart problem. A sin problem. What am I doing? What I feel we need to do as a nation. Start this difficult conversation. I invited one of my black friends to lunch last week. He’s a minister. We laid it all out on the table. He said some things that were difficult for me to hear. But, I needed to hear them. He loves me and I love him. We have both helped one another out in times of need.”

WDHN’s Live at Five interview with Moore can be viewed above.

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