“Lies, manipulation, and deceit”; Jeff Coleman talks lawsuit, political rivals, and campaign


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Alabama Congressional Candidate Jeff Coleman is clearing the air after a previous lawsuit involving his company was brought up while on the campaign trail.

Several years ago, the United States Justice Department filed the suit against his company, Coleman Worldwide Moving. Thursday, Coleman addressed that case and talked plans moving forward.

“This has been a very unfair attack,” said Alabama Congressional Candidate Jeff Coleman. “Filled with lies, manipulation, and deceit that are used as a political ploy against me.”

After allegations against Coleman and his company were revealed, several of Coleman’s political rivals asked him to release more information about the case.

Coleman said the allegations are not what is important, but instead the case’s outcome.

“You make a business decision to avoid additional legal fees, and time, and disruption and move forward,” Coleman said. “That was the business decision we were able to make.”

Ultimately Coleman and his team settled the case. Coleman said that settlement was not an admittance of wrongdoing.

“If these allegations were true, why would the United States government and the United States military continue to do business with our company,” Coleman said.

According to Coleman, the current conflict stems from a poll published several weeks ago that showed him in the lead.

“The momentum that we’ve achieved in a little over 180 days has gotten the attention of my opponents in this race and as a result of that attention, it’s now turned into attacks,” Coleman said.

Regardless, Coleman said his campaign continues to gain state-wide support.

“I was very, very pleased and proud and honored and grateful to receive the endorsement of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the Business Council of Alabama,” Coleman said.

Only a few weeks remain until Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District Election which is set for March 3, 2020.

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