Level Plains holds Bicentennial Time Capsule Ceremony


LEVEL PLAINS, Ala. (WDHN) — Level Plains held a special Bicentennial Time Capsule Ceremony Tuesday.

The ceremony marks the 200th birthday of the state and the 54th anniversary of the city’s incorporation which took place on April 30, 1965.

Governor Kay Ivey along with other local and state officials wrote letters to their counterparts 100 years from now. The capsule is scheduled to be opened on 
April 30, 2119.

“We have a letter in the capsule written in cursive, but I wonder if people then will be able to read it. Hopefully, they’ll be descendants and the city and state will be thriving.” Mayor Bruce Grantham said.

The most unusual item being placed in the time capsule is from the Alabama Beverage Control Board. The board donated a bottle of bourbon to be drunk by those who open the capsule a century from today.

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