Lawmakers debate gun bill


Lawmakers debated two different gun regulation bills on Wednesday.

One bill will eliminate the need for permits in order to carry a concealed weapon. The second bill will allow a court-ordered removal of weapons from someone who is considered to be dangerous.

House Bill 265, or the Gun Violence Protective Order Act, would allow family members, school personnel or the law enforcement to file a petition to confiscate a person’s firearms if considered dangerous.

“I think permits universally for both that have sort of proposed this bill and oppose it believe that permits have a role and a valuable function. The question is rather or not you know, it’s something that should be issued before people are able to conceal carry and I think that’s part of the discussion. We have to conversate with law enforcement about their role and being able to evaluate individuals and want to be able to see where the bill develops to see where it goes from there,” Attorney General Steve Marshall said.

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