Kinsey gearing up for runoff mayoral election


KINSEY, Ala. (WDHN) — Its been about a month since Kinsey residents cast their vote for their next mayor. Well, in about two weeks they’ll be able to do it again for the final time.

After the results came in following the municipal election in August, two of the three running for the position came out on top — Jason Reneau and Anthony White.

Reneau is a Kinsey native who served as the mayor for 12 years and is currently on the city council while operating as the fire chief. During his time as mayor, he secured a grant for the walking trail, purchased the property for the Senior Citizen Center, and extended water lines. He has some priorities set in stone if elected again.

“Sewage is a big issue in this election and in the community because basically, we’re dependent on Dothan. We have had a problem with police chiefs in the past this past administration especially police is a sore subject nationwide and we need to have a dependable police department” Reneau said.

His opponent is Anthony White who is eyeing to be the first black mayor of the town. White has tons of managing experience from jobs and believes his next step is to manage the town. He says there’s been a lack of transparency in the community and wants everyone to be on one accord. His goals are giving the youth somewhere they can go to play and starting a mentorship program for them and the list goes on.

“We need more businesses here, we only have a few here so we can enjoy the place where we live. I wanna make sure that I tend to the needs for needing speed bumps on some of the roads so that our children are safe..

Both candidates have been busy heading into this final stretch. Reneau almost dodged the runoff as he was just a few votes away.

“It was heartbreaking. I had to win with 50 percent plus one I need like four more votes to win outright so I hadn’t quit I’m still going door to door we had a cookout this past weekend,” Reneau said.

“What I have been doing I found out that in this 21st-century technology driven era, that social media is the way to go. I’ve also knocked on quite a number of doors.

Both candidates say they expect to see you at the polls on October 6th making the right decision as there will be no other positions to vote on. The town is in the hands of one of the two people.

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