Jones sentenced for manslaughter of 20-year-old YaVari Allen


ENTERPRISE,Ala.–Thomonta Jones had his sentencing hearing in the shooting death of YaVari Allen at the Coffee County Court House on Thursday.

The prosecution called a detective in the case to the stand. He testified that Jones has numerous Facebook posts with guns and threats to law enforcement. A search warrant of his Facebook account revealed in his messages that he was working with another person to purchase guns in Florida.

Assistant District Attorney Josh Wilson questioned the detective about Jones’ behavior after his arrest and indictment. The detective testified that he continues to laugh, show his middle finger to WDHN cameras, he did so on two account the detective said.

Loved ones gave impact statements to the judge,Thomonta Jones sitting emotionless as he listened to each take the stand.

YaVari’s mother testified “He left a hole in my soul” and YaVari’s sister testified “He left so many broken.”  YaVari’s father Thurston Allen took the stand where he talked about fishing with his son, explaining how YaVari was his best friend.”

Judge Jeff Kelly sentenced Jones to 188 months, 15 years, jail time, ordered to pay a $1,000 crime victims assessment fee, court costs, and got credit for time served.

Jones was also arrested while in the Coffee County Jail for orchestrating to commit a controlled substance act. Jones, a fellow inmate, and anther person tried to sneak drugs into the jail but was intercepted by the Enterprise Police Department. Prior to his sentencing he had his preliminary hearing for the felony drug charge. He represented himself and requested to the judge if he can go ahead and plea guilty.

HIs case has been forwarded to a grand jury.

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