Ivey stands her ground on gay rumors pushed by State Rep: “It’s a disgusting lie”


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Governor Kay Ivey is standing her ground amid suggestions that she is gay, made Tuesday by an openly lesbian Democratic state representative. Ivey called the claims a “disgusting lie.”

Tuesday, District 54 Rep. Patricia Todd tweeted that she had “heard for years” that Ivey was gay. In a sit down interview with CBS 42, Ivey called the speculation untrue.

“it’s disgusting because they’re not telling the truth “I don’t have a clue [where this came from] but i do know that it’s a bold faced lie, and it’s disgusting.” Ivey said. 

Alabama’s 2nd female Governor, Ivey served as Alabama State Treasurer from 2003 to 2011, and later Lt. Governor until she succeeded Governor Robert Bentley following his resignation in April 2017.

Ivey doubled down on her assertion that these claims were lies, saying, “The issue here is not about your personal life but telling the truth. I’m a candidate for Governor, I’m a born again Christian, I believe that marriage is made of God between a man and a woman, and I live my life according to those values,” Gov. Ivey added.

The tweets come in a race for Governor growing increasingly dirty. Ivey’s opponent, Evangelist Scott Dawson, attacked her this week alleging she “betrayed Alabama values” for allowing LGBT groups to receive ADECA funding totaling over $800,000. Ivey responded by saying the funding was established before she was in office, and the money was not taxpayer revenue. 

Meanwhile, Huntsville Mayor and Republican candidate for Governor Tommy Battle is calling for a clean campaign.

“It’s time to change the conversation and talk about the good things happening in the state,” Battle said.

The primary election is coming up on June 5th.

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