Incoming Troy freshman shares worries about the Fall semester


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Back to school is right around the corner and while many college students are normally excited and anxiously awaiting the start of school, this year will be different for most. Incoming freshmen are worried about what the new normal is going to look like in the middle of this pandemic.

“I’m hesitant but I’m going to be smart about it, I’m going to take all of the precautions I need to stay away, I’m going to wear my mask, I’m going to wash my hands I’m going to do everything that I need to do to stay safe,” said incoming Troy University freshman, Ivey Wright.

Wright like many other college students is facing a new normal as she prepares to start school at the beginning of August. Events she has looked forward to, are all changing, including extracurricular activities like sorority recruitment.

“Normally you would go through the houses and go through the parties and everything, well this year since all of the coronavirus stuff we have to go into classrooms and there is a certain amount of girls, a little group of girls that have to go through that, so it’s definitely different and as of right now I’ve heard that our parents can’t come to bid day and that’s kind of a sad day,” Wright said.

Wright’s dad believes freshmen this year may not get to have the full college experience. He is also worried he and his wife will not be able to have a traditional move-in day for their daughter.

“We’re trying to find out right now because we had heard that only one person can help her move into her dorm and there’s a lot of heavy stuff that has to be moved in and her momma, of course, she’s gonna go because she’s going to be the one to decorate and help her decorate but there is stuff that I think a daddy needs to be there and help,” said Ivey’s father, Derek Wright.

With Ivey’s senior year being cut short, she says she hasn’t been in class in over 18 weeks, but she is hopeful this year will be better than the last.

“I’m nervous, but it’s all up to me- if I wash my hands, and I wear my mask, and I take all the precautions that I should take, then I should be okay. If not I’m going to come home and quarantine,” Wright said.

Ivey tells WDHN that Troy will be having students go home for Thanksgiving break and they won’t be returning until after the New Year to try and help contain the spread of the virus after the holidays.

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