IN ABBEVILLE: Candidates say why they are “ideal” for mayor


ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — In one week Abbeville residents will place their vote on who can run the city best. Candidates Jimmy Money and Greg Grimsley face off to see who should be mayor.

Money, who has spent his entire life in Abbeville says from talking with several residents throughout his campaign he’s learned their concerns.

With those concerns, he plans to improve the community.

“With a little bit improvement with our city, with our streets,” said Money. “I think we can do it with all these areas to improve..Nothing major but just some improvements hear and there,” said Money.

He wants residents to know he cares for the city deeply and is committed to making changes for them.

Meanwhile, his opposing candidate greg grimsley believes he is the ideal candidate.

“The biggest thing also we gon a need a mayor that’s gonna unite us..unite the people here in the city of Abbeville so I feel like I am the candidate that can do that,” said Grimsley.

He’s easygoing but stern when he needs to be and he believes it’s the type of leadership the city needs.

His plans include improving roadways for residents.

“We got several plans in the works the number one plan is getting out and restoring the infrastructure in roads and getting them in better condition,” said Grimsley.

He wants to lead by example and good integrity. In addition, job creation is vital to him.

Both candidates is encouraging everyone to go out and casts their votes on October 6th.

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