‘I know she’s where she needs to be’: Mother and family discuss life without Breunia Jennings


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — For the past year, the family of Breunia Jennings said losing her has been like a burden.

“When they told me it was my child, I couldn’t believe it,” Breunia’s mother Lakesia Reeves said. “I couldn’t accept it that somebody could kill my child. I didn’t want to accept it.”
“At night, sometimes we can’t sleep were wondering why, why did this happen?” Breunia’s aunt Catina Horn said. “I tell you it does something to you, and people say it gets better, but it don’t.”
Lakesia says the support from her family and friends have helped her deal with this loss and most of all her faith has provided her strength.
“I’m still trusting God to fight this battle because it’s too much for me,” Reeves said. “I have my days, I wake up and I miss her but on the other hand, I know God is able. I know she’s where she needs to be.”
Lakesia wants others to know the importance of mental health from this tragedy and the impact that gun violence can have on people’s lives.
“When you take somebody’s family member, just realize you have taken a lot,” Reeves said. “You didn’t take only their lives; you took away from their family,”

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