How to care for Alzheimer’s disease according to a Dothan senior care home


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s Alzheimer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to those suffering from the degenerative disease that slowly destroys a person’s mind.

It’s a heart wrenching feeling when your loved one starts forgetting simple things like what they did yesterday or what they even did five minutes ago.

Even worse, they’ve forgotten who you are.

“Forgetfulness is the most obvious but the not being able to just process basic tasks that they’ve always been able to do, and it’s not always forgetfulness of a lot of times they can remember things way back,” said Lan Berry, owner of Home Instead Senior Care. “It’s gonna be forgetfulness of something that just happened.”

With COVID-19, it has been even harder for Home Instead to have visits and care for their patients.

“It was a very unnerving time in figuring out how to move forward,” family member Kimery Parker said. “We continued with Home Instead, and they have been very diligent in keeping our family members safe.

Berry said you must be patient.

“The worst thing you can do with dementia is try to correct them,” he said. “It just makes them more agitated cause you’re throwing back in their face that you can’t do something or you don’t remember something, and no one wants to feel like that.”

Home Instead offers many resources for caregivers such as, a support group where caretakers can find those who dealing with the same things.

They even offer a stress-o-meter test that gauges your level of stress.

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