How Houston County is preparing for Hurricane Sally


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As weather experts monitor Hurricane Sally, emergency management director Chris Judah told us what people should be doing now to prepare.

“Well really in the Wiregrass area we want to make sure that everyone is monitoring the weather and keeping up with the predicted torrential rain we’re going to have here,” said Judah.

Judah says he is most concerned about the flooding. With Houston County having many river regions he wants to make sure people are taking precautions.

He is urging people to stay off the roads at this time.

“When these type of events happen and roadways start to flood you know wrecks happen,” said Judah. We have public safety individuals out there and we wanna make sure their safety is taken in accordance as well so please be careful out there,” said Judah.

He says do not drive into the water if it is flooding, you will get stuck. With many people having the tendency to speed in the rain, so you must drive defensively, according to Judah.

For those who live near a river, Deputy Director Leigh Martin says they will be impacted the most.

She says to start preparing now.

“For our residents that live along the river those in Gordon, those in Columbia and in that area and between go ahead now and start paying attention to the river levels,” said Martin.

She says to watch the water levels and pay attention to the reports from the weather channels will be important.

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