Houston County EMS captain clarifies referendum on Nov. 3 ballot


REHOBETH, Ala. (WDHN) — In two weeks, Houston county residents will be heading to the polls to cast their vote in this year’s election. And, while you’re voting, you will come across a question that will catch your eye.

On November third, you will be voting for a number of offices on the ballot from the president to senator, to the representative for the second congressional district. There will also be a referendum to be voted on which states “Do you favor the adoption of act 2020-191 of the 2020 session of the Alabama legislature?’

The question has caused some confusion on what residents will be voting in favor of due to the wording which is the way it was submitted.

“This is going to add five dollars to your tag every year that you renew it. That five dollars will be turned around and given to the five rescue squads in Houston County for dispersment for payroll expenditures,” said Captain Heather Thomas, the vice president of the Houston County EMA Association.

On the side of the ballot come election day, Thomas says there should be a description stating what the referendum is in favor for. A ‘yes’ vote will benefit local EMS departments tremendously.

“Primarily our goal is to use that money to be able to staff our ambulances 24 hours seven days a week without any worry of us not being able to offer the care to our citizens of our community that’s needed in case of an emergency so you don’t have to wait a prolonged amount of time for that agency to respond,” Thomas said.

Also, the money cannot be used to build new stations and departments. Thomas added that the five-dollar fee is not to cause strain on your pockets.

“Five dollars is really not a whole lot of money you can’t go to McDonald’s or another fast-food chain and you can’t buy a happy meal or a meal for less than five dollars so it’s only a one-time fee you have to pay every year. It’s cheaper, in the long run, to help us by voting yes for a one-time thing than it is for you to buy food at a fast food chain,” Thomas added.

Thomas says she hopes you make the right choice at the polls and vote yes because it will help save a life one day.

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