Homeowner hoping damage to his home will be fixed soon


NEWTON, Ala. (WDHN) — The weather last weekend caused damage around the Wiregrass. One man’s mobile home was damaged by a tree falling on an empty home next door.

“I felt a big rumble going on,” homeowner Paul Sanders said. “I got out and looked, and this whole tree had fell off on top of my trailer, on the side of my trailer and all.”

The tree was blocking his back door to his home, and he had to cut the limbs just to get in. He said the tree fell Sunday night, crushing the empty home and hitting his.

“All the tops of that tree were covered on the back of my trailer, and I had to cut them off because they was pressing hard against my trailer and I didn’t want it to puncture it or nothing else,” sanders said.

The damage to his home is causing leaks in one spot of his house.

“This is where it all came from,” Sanders said. “You can tell where it’s rotting out. I got termites running across it in my trailer.”

Sanders says he’s concerned he won’t be able to clean the damage by himself and is worried he’ll be left to his own devices.

WDHN contacted Sanders’ landlord who said she has plans to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

“I knew all the week and I know this guy was going to be there Saturday morning with a chainsaw, and you know clean up all that debris, and you know whatever needs to be cleaned up,” landlord Dean said.

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