Homecoming pranks causing property damage across Geneva County


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Homecoming hijinks are getting out of hand, according to Geneva law enforcement.

Sometime Sunday night, one or more people not only rolled the trees of a Geneva home, but they also threw new patio furniture in the family pool.

Sheriff Tony Helms said it’s not only Geneva. This school year, homecoming-related property damage has occurred throughout the county.

“If you’re not a willing participant in something, then it’s criminal mischief,” Helms said. “We’ve had sheds broke into. We’ve had glass bottles, glassware, other things that were destroyed.”

In a homecoming prank a few years ago in Geneva, a student lost an eye when she was struck in the face with a frozen paintball.

This Friday night, the Panthers will play Houston Academy for its homecoming game.

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