Henry County Schools superintendent candidates share vision during board meeting


ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — The Henry County Board of Education held its first meeting since school started back. The first part of Thursday night’s board meeting served as a forum for the superintendent candidates.

Chris Padget, an experienced educator, and current superintendent will not be running for the position again.

“I’m gonna retire at the end of my term. Right now there were some health issues that were involved to a certain extent. It’s just time to go,” Padget said.

With that being said, that opens the door for these three candidates: Dr. Dennis Brand, Lori Beasley, and Darius McKay.

Dr. Brand is a 29-year veteran of the Henry County School System and has held numerous key positions. Brand intends to bring the ROTC program back as well as enhance technology, but his biggest priority is..

“Getting all of our schools in line with the reading initiative. Making sure that our students start off at the elementary level and move them to the point where when they get to high school we will not see a big drop off,” Dr. Brand said.

Lori Beasley, who served as a counselor at Ashford High School and principal at Headland Middle School is running for the position also. She plans to follow a needs assessment

“We are preparing our students for a world that we really don’t know what the future holds. So, we wanna give those tools and strategies to our students and provide good life skills and provide along with academics and to have career tech programs and have apprenticeships for those who want to later go to work,” Beasley said.

Darius McKay, an educator, and administrator with 19 years of experience have several initiatives if elected and he says you can read about them on his website. However, he described the gist of his vision.

“I believe we gotta build relationships across the school district that’s one of the things we have to do. But we have to also create accountability for every employee that we have, we have to hold people accountable. We have to also create equity for all students as well,” McKay said.

You can vote for your next superintendent on November 3.

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