Henry County EMA helping residents out by providing tarps


HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Days after major storms hit Henry County, residents are still working to recover.

EMA director Ronnie Dollar traveled to different towns Wednesday handing out tarps to residents who needed them.

“We have about 50 tarps now and access to more if we need them,” Henry County EMA director Ronnie Dollar said. “We’re trying to get them out to people that may have roof damage from the storm Sunday night that would need a tarp to cover their house the best they can.”

In places like Tumbleton and Newville, roofs have been ripped away, buildings have been damaged, and now people are working to prepare for yet another round of severe weather.

“They’re already getting ready just in case,” Tumbleton resident Tamara Bolt said. “Hopefully it won’t be as bad but we’re gonna be preparing just in case.”

In Newville, a town councilman was helping with the deliveries.

“Primarily Mayor Collins told me they were available,” Newville councilman Rickey Allen said. “So, I’ve been running around trying to find out who’s in need and make sure they got it taken care of.”

One Newville resident said she had been looking for recovery materials but wasn’t able to find one until EMA showed up.

“We were actually looking for a tarp, but hadn’t found one yet,” Newville resident Joyce Morrison. “We got something but it wasn’t a tarp, very appreciative. Very appreciative of y’all.”

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