Health officials suggest ways to protect yourself while enjoying a pool day


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Beach towel, float, sunscreen, mask?

The days are starting to warm up and residents are beginning to head for the water. But as stores, gyms, and restaurants enforce social distancing guidelines, health officials say residents should enforce some of their own.

“The CDC website does not have any evidence right now that the virus would be transmitted through a pool,” said Houston County Health Health Services Administrator Corey Kirkland. “But you also might want to make sure that you’re keeping distance between each other when you’re in the pool.”

While disinfectants in the pool should be strong enough to kill anything in the water, it is the objects outside the pool residents need to be aware of.

“Any furniture that you have around your pool, spray those things down before and after your use,” Kirkland said. “Pick one chair for yourself, use that same chair all day.”

In addition to sanitizing furniture or toys, Kirkland said pool-goers should continue to social distance both inside and outside water.

“Spread those items out as much as possible to give a little space between the other members who may be there and in your own party,” Kirkland said. “The wrestling and things that people like to do in the pool may be not as important as just getting in and cooling off and just relaxing.”

Finally, reporting any problems to management can help ensure everyone has a fun, but safe, pool day experience.

“If you see any problems, report those problems,” Kirkland said. “I’m sure whoever manages that area would love to know so they can correct it as soon as possible.”

For more information on how to keep you and your loved ones safe, visit the CDC’s website.

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