Hartford police officer helps save baby’s life


HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — A Hartford police officer is receiving praise after helping save a baby’s life on the side of a highway.

What started as an anniversary trip took a life-threatening turn when Kevin and Barbie Miller came across a family on the side of the road fighting to save their child.

“I looked and saw a guy kneeling on the ground,” said Hartford police officer Kevin Miller. “When I zoomed in and I looked at what he was doing, I saw a little baby. I told my wife, ‘That’s a baby. I think they’re doing CPR or trying to do CPR on that child.'”

Miller quickly turned around, got out of his vehicle, and began administering CPR on the baby.

He then determined there was another problem.

“I asked him (a family member) I said, ‘Is he choking? Did you give him anything?’ And then that’s when the father or grandfather said yes we gave him I think a little piece of hamburger.”

After a family member swept the child’s mouth, it began to breathe. The baby was taken to the hospital, and at last report, it is in stable condition.

WDHN spoke to a witness who was at the scene and saw Miller arrive.

“They’re heroes,” said witness Myron Jordan. “They’re awesome people. You don’t see that a whole lot anymore. There’s still people there that’s willing to stop and help, regardless of what the situation is.”

Jordan isn’t the only one praising Miller’s efforts.

“I’m glad that he did that,” said local resident Shania Duffel. “That’s a really good job of him doing that. Thank you for saving that baby’s life.”

As for Miller, he told News 18 he was simply doing his job and that there are always opportunities to help.

“I would encourage anyone if they can, do anything they can to get out and just help,” Miller said. “Someone just standing by in support.”

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