Hartford man still missing after disappearance last December


HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — Last December, Hartford Police began searching for a Hartford man named Terry Wilburn White.

White was a well-known person around the community. People knew him mostly for his kindness and riding his bike.

“He was well-liked by most of the community,” Hartford citizen Jack Starkle said. “He was always helping, you know what I mean, if anybody needed help in the yard or whatever, he was always trying to make a little extra cash. From doing yard work to picking up pecans.”

Terry White

Upon his disappearance, many in the community came together to look for Terry, including his niece, who got people to join her cause.

“Well, we’ve walked and looked, you know,” Sammi White said. “Looked in ditches, looked in water, whatever waterways. We’re just always looking.”

No one is quite sure what happened to White.

Some people said that he might have gotten mixed up with the wrong people; others said he just got up and left.

“One night they started looking for him,” Hartford citizen Linda Schaefer said. “They said he had left his house. I mean left his wallet, left the phone, everything there and just left. They say he went down the street from where I live and never came back.”

White’s friends and family have hopes that he is still out there.

“If my uncle Terry’s out there and he sees this, at least call home or let somebody know that you’re safe,” White said.

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