Gun sales have spiked, not the case for Dothan


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Over the past few weeks, gun and ammo sales have increased around the nation with the fear of the Coronavirus.

Around Dothan, however, handguns and ammo not rifles are what people are buying.

“We’re selling a lot more handguns we’re almost out of handguns right now,” Area 51 Tactical owner Dan Nicholson said. “In general our sales are probably down a little bit but offset by higher ammunition sales.”

Area 51 tactical said they have seen a lot of first-time buyers over the past few weeks.

One customer said he is buying ammo just to be prepared.

“I mean I’m just trying to be prepared for about anything,” Andrew said. “You know, someone breaking into my home, tearing up my property. Uh, protecting my family, my loved ones.”

One customer said he has noticed a lot of people buying more supplies, so he decided to pull the trigger and get what he needed.

“Ammo’s starting to get a little more scarce and people starting to tighten-up security a little bit more is more of a reason to finally make the purchase I’ve been looking to make for a while,” Robert Ramirez said.

While gun sales aren’t as high in Dothan, shops are having a hard time getting more.

“We’re having a lot of difficulty getting anything into the shop from any of our wholesalers,” Nicholson said. “A lot of them are sold out.”

Wholesalers are behind on shipments because of the high demand around the nation.

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