Gun owner chimes in on proposed gun control bill


KINSEY, Ala. (WDHN) — Due to mass shootings that have taken place over the last decade, Texas representative Sheila Jackson Lee is pushing a gun control that many owners will not be thrilled about.

“She has said things like an ar-15 is a 50 caliber weapon and that’s far from the truth she doesn’t know a 50 caliber from a 22 caliber she said an AR-15 weighs as much as 10 moving boxes, so that tells you the mentality you’re dealing with when to start with,” Fast Guns owner Joe Watson said.

The bill is H.R. 127 named after an exchange student who died in a Texas school shooting in 2018. It would create a firearm registry and set the minimum gun ownership age at 21 and it will require a license and psychological evaluations with an 800 dollar liability insurance fee.

As for the evaluations, the psychologist is required to interview spouses and associates in relation to those wanting firearms.

“How do you think it’s gonna come out to ask somebody ex-wife or ex-husband if they are suitable for a firearm it’s not gonna be good for a lot of people,” Watson said.

Also, it would give the U.S attorney general the power over licensing.

“Lets say we’re going hunting and you forget your gun so before I say I’ll give you one of mine I have to contact the attorney general if I want you to use my shotgun,” Watson.

The bill also features a ban of ammunition .50 or more, completing a training course, a license for military-style weapons and even a license for a display of antique firearm’s in one’s house.

“I got a firearm my father-in-law brought back overseas and it won’t even fire but it would prohibit me from possessing it,” Watson said.

Watson says this is a horrible bill and hopefully it doesn’t come out of the committee. If it was to pass, violations could range from $30-150,000 with prison time.

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