Greenwood Drive murder steps away from being solved


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Friends and family shared positive remarks of Bernard Bryant, the man murdered on October 24th by a suspect in a jumpsuit and Halloween mask.

Police have been gathering evidence and having it examined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

Police said they are close to an arrest.

“We’re waiting for that to return,” Dothan Police Lieutenant Doug Magill said. “We have some suspects in mind, feel pretty confident that we’re gonna be making an arrest shortly. It’s just all going to depend on when this evidence returns.”

Cases that are examined by a federal agency will get pushed back because multiple departments use them.

When a case isn’t solved right away it isn’t closed, but is made into a cold case until new information becomes available.

“Last year we made an arrest on a case from 1978 because of DNA,” Magill said. “So, some of those older cases we’re trying to go through and get some DNA they didn’t have back then.”

Some may wonder how long a case has to go on before it becomes a cold case, or if there is a length of time?

What’s involved, what’s the process, and are these cases pushed aside? According to police, that is not the case.

“Just by the very nature of it, it becomes cold not very many hot leads,” Magill said. “So, it really doesn’t get pushed away or pushed aside, I shouldn’t of used that word, but what happens is, until new evidence is developed you’re kind of at a standstill. Once you’ve covered all the tracks that you need to cover.”

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