Gordon welcomes two new council members


GORDON, Ala. (WDHN) — The town of Gordon held it’s council meeting on Tuesday and two new council members were introduced — Vera Smith and Priscilla Wilson.

According to Mayor Ray, council member Vera Smith had not been sworn in and she wanted to ensure things were done correctly.

“We had newly elected council members that were elected to sit on the council, however, she didn`t get sworn in in time,” Mayor Ray said.

Ray said she advised the new council member to get a formal opinion about the length of time that passed of her being sworn in. She asked for documentation before she could sit on the board.

“She sat on the board last night and everything went smoothly as planned, and we had a great meeting and we had a great turnout. We had citizens who showed up to voice their opinions about the direction of Gordon’s future.”

We were unable to meet with the two new council members, however, a local resident expressed how happy he is with the town’s progress.

“I was in the meeting yesterday and it went very well, everyone worked together how it’s supposed to be,” Lores Safford said.

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