Geneva residents attend neighborhood watch meeting to address crime


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Violence has been taking place recently in Geneva especially in the vicinity of Riverside Apartments. Residents attended a neighborhood watch meeting on Tuesday night with law enforcement in attendance to discuss the crime in the area.

“A few weeks ago there was an incident over here where some shots were fired in the neighborhood. That caused some citizens over here to be very alarmed,” Sheriff Tony Helms said.

Although crime in the area has residents feeling alarmed, most of the crime happening is coming from the outside and into the city.

“It’s not generally for the people that live here but for the people that come here. For some reason, they think its a place where they can come commit criminal violence,” Helms said. There are good people that live here and have been here for years and they just want to be safe.

For one longtime resident, she says she’s worried about her mom and her kids.

“It worries me a lot. My mom lives across the street so my son comes and stays with her sometimes, so that’s a concern to me. That harm can come to her or him and I don’t want that,” Mcelwee said. “I want to ensure that he’s safe, she’s safe, and everyone in the community is safe.

Neighborhood watch meetings are planned to take place every first Tuesday of every month.

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