Geneva police expresses safety during homecoming pranks


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—Homecoming pranks have been a tradition in Geneva, but when it damages property it becomes a safety issue for local law enforcement.

“When it gets to unwanted property, where someone don’t want them on the property and they’re doing it that’s when it becomes a crime and that’s when the call volume picks up for us here at the police department.” Geneva Police Chief Tony Clemmons said.

Geneva is not the only place affected by these pranks, it has happened throughout the county.

Clemmons would like families that participate in these pranks to let others know so there’s no unwanted trespassing.

“If they could get word to them that it’s ok to at my house but don’t touch these houses,” Clemmons said. “If we could get something like that going where it’s not bothersome or it’s not criminal mischief or trespassing on somebody else’s property, that would be wonderful.”

Although there have been some upset citizens, not all Geneva residents are bothered by these pranks. Some think it’s fine because it’s part of tradition.

“The kids thought it would be neat to toilet paper my house and cars, so they did, but it’s been such a tradition and I think it’s all done in fun,” Geneva resident Dewey Spears said. “I suffered no damage, I don’t know anyone who has.”

Safety is the number one concern for Geneva.

“I just want everybody who if they’re going to participate be safe,” Clemmons said. “Do the ones that they know want it done and leave everybody else’s alone.”

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