Garden District uprooted by Hurricane Michael

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) -- One of Dothan's neighborhoods known for being surrounded by lush forests and gardens has felt one of the tougher blows from Hurricane Michael.

The tall trees that once shaded the Garden District for decades have now turned against the residents' favor, blocking off roads and even destroying a few homes.

A clean-up effort was conducted by both residents and city workers due to the scale of the damage across the city of Dothan as a whole.

For some residents, all they had to worry about was the piles of leaves and small branches coating their streets, but others were not so lucky.

Around areas like Magnolia Avenue, Orange Avenue and Woodlawn, citizens cut up entire trees with chainsaws and dragged them away with trucks to clear the lanes as best they could. Others skirted around downed power lines, some of which hung dangerously close to their houses.

In the video above, Ben Stanfield visited one of the residents of the district, Walt Loftin, as he and his neighbors cleared the road near their homes.

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